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Chinchilla cat breeders

Chinchilla cat breeders

You can contact us here at begonia charter. Please call for more information begonia charter. Welcome to Pers n Medow Cattery.

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We specialize in bi-colors, solids and some Himalayans as well as shaded silvers. Vicki and Tammy Graves are a mother and daughter team. Tammy helps out a lot, she has such a keen sense for business and genetics. My son Matthew also helps out tremendously with his handyman skills. I work some at an intermediate school as I love children as well as kittens.

We are a fairly large cattery compared to some, all kittens are gentle and sweet with quality ranging from pet to breeder and occassionally show. My kitties are vaccinated on a regular schedule. They are handled and loved by all. Kittens are also bathed and groomed on a weekly basis, so bath time in their new homes should not be a stressful time.

Pers-n-Medow Cattery and everything contained within these pages, all text, images and photos are the sole property of and owned by Copyright all rights reserved, please obtain permission before using anything here.Last Updated on April 15, The Chinchilla is a large breed of cat with a luxurious long coat that is tipped with silver or gold.

Chinchillas were developed to create a silver Persianand have similar features to the Persian, only softer. Named after a South American rodent, the Chinchilla is essentially a silver Persian although some claim cat councils class it is a separate breed.

Either way, it is a cat with Persian-like qualities, although less extreme in the face. The breed came about in an attempt to create a silver-coloured Persian cat. It is one of the oldest man-made breeds beginning in with a cat called Chinnie. Chinnie was the result of a chance mating between a blue Persian and a stray tom of unknown origins. The litter produced a smoke-coloured kitten that was sold to Mrs Vallence, who named her Chinnie.

Other councils consider the Chinchilla a separate breed to the Persian. The Chinchilla is a large cobby cat with a round head and small ears. Overall, they have softer features than Persian cats. Chinchillas are a medium to large cat with a cobby body type; the chest is broad, broad, deep chest and large shoulder, the rump is equally large.

Legs are short and strong, which end with large and round paws with black paw pads. The tail is short and in proportion with the body. The eyes are either green or blue-green aqua and highlighted with black eyeliner. The nose is less extreme than on the Persian with a slight break, finishing with a brick red tip which is outlined with darker pencilling of black.

The coat is long and luxurious with a pure white undercoat. Tipping occurs at the end of each hair strand. Despite the name, the Chinchilla comes in silver, gold and blue. Ear tufts, chest, chin and tummy are pure white. Kittens should not leave the breeder until they are at least 12 weeks old.

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They should have had at least two of their vaccinations. Most cat breeders also prefer to have kittens desexed spayed or neutered before them going to their new home to prevent accidental litters and ensure entire cats do not end up in the hands of a backyard breeder or a kitten farm. Placid, quiet and gentle are three words to describe the Chinchilla. They are sweet-natured and loving cats who bond closely with one member of the family.

Chinchillas are more outgoing than their Persian cousins but are quieter than other breeds of cat. The Chinchilla is suited to a quiet household with retirees or homes with older children. They can become lonely if left alone for extended periods. Overall the Chinchilla is a healthy breed, polycystic kidney disease is an inherited condition from the Persian lines, but can be screened for. Hairballs can be a problem if the fur is not maintained and blocked tear ducts can occur, but they are not as prevalent as with Persian cats.

Oral health is a must for all cats to prevent gum disease, feed raw chicken necks or human-grade chunks of raw beef twice a week.

chinchilla cat breeders

Alternately, brush the teeth daily with a toothpaste made for cats never use human toothpaste on a cat. The chinchilla cat sheds year-round like most cats and has a heavier moult twice a year. Clip the front claws every weeks. The most common protocol recommended by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as well as the Australian Veterinary Association is that kittens should receive the three core vaccines, known as F3, feline enteritis panleukopeniafeline calicivirus and feline rhinotracheitis herpesvirus three times as a kitten.

Spaced at eight weeks, 12 weeks and the final vaccine at 16 weeks followed by a booster vaccine at 12 months. After this, it is recommended that boosters be every three years. Some local states or councils may make it compulsory to administer certain vaccines notably rabies yearly.The Chinchilla cat is actually a color variety of the Persian cat, but they are so exquisitely beautiful that many breeders focus entirely on this one coat pattern.

Although most Chinchilla cats appear to be white, the very end of each individual hair is actually tipped with blackgiving them a spectacular, shimmering quality.

But the Chinchilla cat is more than just a pretty face. Like any Persian, chinchilla cats have been bred for centuries to be perfect domestic companions. They are friendly, affectionate and lovable, but can be a little shy around strangers.

This is a cat that should be considered as a pet only if you know you have the time and temperament to keep up with their grooming needs. Their thick, lustrous fur requires extensive regular grooming. If the coat is not vigorously serviced, it won't just look shabby, it can and will cause health problems and serious skin issues. This is not a natural breed, and they do not maintain their own coats.

This means that everyday, or every other day, you will be placing your cat on a tabletop, and carefully dematting, combing and cleaning a mountain of fur. If done regularly, a ten to fifteen minute session 4 or 5 times a week will keep your magnificent beast enviously perfect condition. If you are thinking it can't require that much time, or, you will be able to get by with once a week, you may be right, but you should also really consider another breed.

If you are thinking that regular primping, cuddling and loving sessions with your gorgeous chinchilla cat sound like a therapeutic and mutually enjoyable plus in cat ownership, then by all means dive right in and become the owner of one of the most elegant felines on the planet.

People who love and care for Chinchillas, love every minute of it, including the grooming, and cats who have been pampered since kittenhood come to expect they will be lavished with attention on a regular basis.

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It can be a beautiful friendship! The Chinchilla cat is a man-made breed, designed not just to be pleasing to the eye, but to offer top-notch domestic companionship. This is a remarkably civilized cat, with a sweet, amiable personality. Chinchilla cats can adapt to almost any environment, and are known to get along with children, dogs, horses and even small animals that might also be part of the family.

chinchilla cat breeders

They have a low prey drive which makes them calm, friendly and hospitable, but also means they probably won't be bouncing off the walls trying to catch the light from a laser pointer. Chinchilla cats actively and happily seek out human attention and interaction, but aren't pesty or annoyingly insistent about it. Often, they are just happy to be on the same couch, or even in the same room as you, lending their peaceful presence to your daily routine.

They have particularly soothing purrs, too! The Chinchilla can be an excellent choice for a gentle child who wants to dote attention.

They are usually very patient, with just the right amount of playfulness. This is also a good choice for someone who may not be home allot, since they can pass the time readily, and seem to enjoy some space.

But remember, they will need more time for grooming than just about any other breed you could choose, so if you haven't the time for that, definitely consider some of the more naturally occurring long-haired cat breeds like the Norwegian Forest cat.

The Chinchilla cat is sometimes recognized as it's own separate breed, and sometimes is considered a color variety of Persian, depending on the Cat Association the breeder is a member of. The coat is long and profuse with a dense undercoat. Matting occurs freely and regularly and you must brush this cat several times a week to avoid health and skin problems, as well as to maintain their appearance.

Regular grooming can be a wonderful and relaxing experience for both pet and owner, but if you smirked even just a little when you read that, then please don't get a Chinchilla cat. The attraction of the magnificent coat gets old fast if you don't enjoy the maintenance, and a shaved Chinchilla is simply a terrible waste.

These are round, stocky cats that, unfortunately, have many breed-related health issues.Chinchilla cats are large cats with luxurious pure white coats named after the South African Rodent. While some claim that the cat is a silver Persian because of its Persian like qualities others argue that the Chinchilla is a separate breed.

They do have Persian-like features because the Chinchilla was developed in the quest to breed a silver Persian. Their eyes are either green or blue green and their striking eyes are rimmed with black that looks like black eyeliner again their beautiful white fur.

chinchilla cat breeders

The fur of the Chinchilla is tipped with both silver and gold. Chinchillas can also be bathed but cats must be introduced to watch form a young age. If the coat is not maintained the cat may require clipping under general anaesthetic. Chinchillas have a very quiet and gentle nature and they make great pets for a wide variety of people. These cats love to form close relationships with their owners and they become very attached to them.

They love laying around the house looking beautiful. The Chinchilla is an inside cat who will thrive with a set routine and a calm family home.

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Not all conditions are covered by Pet Insurance. Jam packed with news, tips and advice on how to provide the best possible care for your Bow Wow or Meow! The Chinchilla is one of the oldest cat breeds that people developed in their quest to breed a Persian cat with a pale coat. The development of the cat was achieved over many years of selective breeding.

There are reports that the breed developed from a female cat named Chinnie in Chinnie was the offspring of two award-winning cats and while there is no evidence, it has been reported that they were most likely Silver or spotted tabbies.

chinchilla cat breeders

Mrs Vallance purchased Chinnie and bred the cat with Fluffy a pure silver cat with tabby markings which subsequently won first prize in the Silver Class at Maidstone, Cheltenham and Ealing. The development of the breed continued through Fluffy and Chinnie which produced numerous award winning offspring until Mrs.

Breeding continued at a pace resulting in the breed becoming instituted at the Crystal Palace show. Chinchilla Cat.

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To ensure your precious fur baby is covered from the start, we'd like to offer you 2months free in your first year. This promo will be automatically applied on sign up for pets under 12 months old. PKD is a condition that is inherited and symptoms can start to show at a young age. Polycystic Kidney Disease causes cysts of fluid to form in the kidneys, obstructing them from functioning properly.

It can cause chronic renal failure if not detected.The Chinchilla cat could also be referred to as the Chinchilla Persian because this breed is actually a type of Persian cat. This manmade cat breed has origins that date back to around in England. That is when a smoke-colored kitten named Chinnie was born after a stray tomcat mated with a blue Persian.

It was also during that time that the first standards for the Chinchilla breed were created by the Chinchilla, Silver and Smoke Cat Society. Chinchilla cats are considered docile, gentle, smart, adaptable, easygoing, and quiet kitties that really like spending time with people and are relaxing to be around.

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They are also known for their loving disposition, as they will give their human family loads of affection. A Chinchilla could become attached to their owners and show a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to their favorite people, so they prefer getting plenty of attention in return. But even though these cats could be really comfortable around the people that they know well, they could be nervous and shy when they are around strangers.

Shaded Silver Persian Kittens - First 5 Weeks

Although these cats are not too active, giving your Chinchilla a variety of toys to play with will be important, and spending time playing with your cat will also help keep him happy while allowing him to get some exercise. When not playing, these kitties will love sitting in your lap and cuddling. And, in addition to getting along with people, these cats could also get along well with other cats and other pets, such as friendly dogs. However, because Chinchilla cats are quiet and tend to prefer peaceful households, they may not be the best choice for families that have young children.

The Chinchilla cat features a body that could be described as short, stocky, round, and compact. The body will be large and heavy boned, the neck will be thick, the hips and shoulders will be broad, and the paws will be big and round.

The legs will be thick and short, and the tail will be bushy. Other features that you may notice when looking at a Chinchilla cat include the eyes, which will be expressive, round, and large, as well as the ears that are small, rounded at the tips, and set wide on the head.

The head is described as broad, large, and round, the cheeks could be described as full, and the jaw is considered broad, while the chin is firm. And even though these cats are a type of Persian, their nose, which could be described as snub, will not be as short as that of other Persian kitties, and it will feature a slight beak as well.

The Chinchilla features one main coat color, which is pure white. However, you will notice that the coat is tipped subtly with black, giving the fur a lovely silver sheen.

More specifically, the undercoat will be pure white and the coat will be tipped with black on the flanks, ears, head, tail, and back to produce the silver shimmering effect. It should be noted that blue-tipped Chinchilla cats are also possible, and the breed also features gold coloration in addition to silver. This breed also features bright green or blue-green eyes that are lined with black or dark brown, so it looks like the kitty is wearing eyeliner.

The lips and the nose, which is a brick red color, is also lined with black or dark brown. The Chinchilla cat will feature a luxurious, long coat and a dense undercoat that will require regular grooming sessions in order to keep the fur free of mats and tangles. Plus, maintaining the coat could also help reduce the incidence of hairballs, and it will help prevent other health concerns, such as skin problems. Brushing your Chinchilla cat daily is important, but you do not need to spend a long time brushing your cat, as just five minutes could be sufficient.Ever seen a cat that is grand, elegant, and fluffy?

It might be a Chinchilla Persian cat, the most adorable of the Persian cats. If you want to bring a cat home, it's really hard to ignore such a doll-faced creature. But before that, you need to know all about Chinchilla Persian cat breed and how to care for them. Chinchilla is one of the types of Persian cat. They are classified as the silver cat. This cat is known for its beauty and elegance. Ask any Chinchilla owners about their cats, and they will describe them as doll-faced, fairy-like, and ethereal.

Although they look like exquisite cats, they are healthy and active. They make adorable and wonderful pets. They make a place in your heart instantly. Know everything about this wonderful feline. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk The Chinchilla cat breed is said to have originated in just by chance mating between a blue Persian cat and non-pedigree dog.

One kitten from the litter named, Chinniewho was then mated to a Silver Tabby. Later on, one of the kittens from this litter gave birth to the first Chinchilla male.

He was named Silver Lambkin. The Chinchillas are named so after a rodent of that name of South American origin because of their fluffy and dense silver-white fur coat.

The work of separating the Chinchilla Persians as its own breed is still on, as they are still included in the Persian breed. Perhaps some day! Chinchillas are quiet and do not cause much trouble. These fur balls are cuddly and make really good pets. They make the purrr-fect cats for older people, who can groom them daily.

And they also make the purrr-fect candidates for cat shows because of their elegance. A small tip for the future owners of Chinchilla: Forget that you have black clothes to wear when your kitty is around! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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The Ever-so-grand Chinchilla: The Most Adorable Persian Cat Breed

Read This To Find Out. March 20, This website uses cookies to improve your experience.The purpose of www. What is a Dearheart Persian? You may recognize them in the commercials for Fancy Feast. Ramsdale D. They are one of the only man made lines with the Longhaired Angora set in and the long haired angora is now extinct. It takes generations to "set" a trait. Sometimes traits are lost when trying to improve them by breeding to another line or color.

Persian breeders started breeding for the peked flat face and now this is one of the only lines that have the traditional Persian head. This along with a terrible fire has made the Dearheart Chinchilla Silver Persian a truly rare breed. They bred for beauty but also put health as a top priority. They do not have the respiratory, eye or heart problems that standard Persians tend to have. I have traced these lines back to This is where our cats came from. With the assistance of the breeders and owners of the cats, that were still of breedable age they have been building the gene pool back up.

There are currently only about 3 of us in the USA able to breed "true" only within the line these beautiful and amazing animals. We do not over or under cut Diane's price due to the respect she deserves. Cherie-Finesse's Angelo. Fancy Feast YouTube 1. Fancy Feast YouTube 3. Fancy Feast YouTube 2.

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