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Angst prompts

Angst prompts

If you have multiple original works on AO3, you very well could be permanently suspended for violating the terms of service. Can everyone reblog this? In particular, original fiction that is part of an Open Doors project is allowed, as are types of original fiction and quasi-original fiction produced within a fandom context. Examples include such things as anthropomorfic, original fiction that is produced as part of a fandom challenge, exchange, or charity event, and genres such as Original Slash, Original BL, and Regency romances produced in Jane Austen fandom.

But if you make an entire space opera completely of your own accord- nope. Not allowed, and will be deleted. I had an English assignment last year, we had to write about a lesson we have learned, and it could be either fiction or nonfiction. I wrote about a world where everyone has a death date printed on their wrist, and this guy named Scotty woke up the day after his death date.

The lesson learned is that plans can change, and you have to be able to adapt to changes. Excuse the Lemony Snicket vibes at the beginning, I was really into that Netflix show. This means best chance to stop the FCC from breaking the fundamental principle that makes the Internet awesome is to pound Congress with phone calls right now. You can call your reps easily with just one click here: battleforthenet. You can also just call this number directly and enter your zipcode to get connected to your legislators: Ajit Pai is expected to circulate the text of his rule killing net neutrality on November 22, the day before Thanksgiving.

But Congress can stop the FCC from gutting the rules that keep the web open, affordable, and awesome. Theres nearly five thousand of you fuckers following me and expecting me to make some good content, so while you wait, reblog this and make that call. Source: fight4futurevia plebcomics. November 05, 17, notes. Be careful.

angst prompts

D: AO3 what the heck? If you made your own IP and story on your own time? Not allowed. November 05, 99 notes. Oh and uh child abuse warning. November 04, 17, notes. October 27, 53, notes.Originally posted by twelvedaysofjilychristmas. I have two prompt lists. The other list is happier. Prompt list two here! I just hate how you used me for your own personal gain. Although now I just miss him more. It was believing you fell for me too. Originally posted by slytherinnpride. The trip ultimately brings them closer together.

Set during Order Of The Phoenix. Keep reading. Do you own a pair of fingerless gloves or skeleton gloves or the combination? Sleeping With Sirens? Pierce The Veil? Palaye Royale? Are you into drawing?

If so, show some of your art! Green Day? Originally posted by theriverdaleserpents. Would anybody be interested in working on something together. I love six months so much can you please add me to the taglist? Thats if its not too much hassle. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Originally posted by twelvedaysofjilychristmas I have two prompt lists.

It just passes it on to somebody else. Chances are you handed me the scissors.

General Prompt: Put Your Villain on Trial

Everything I loved destroyed me enough. Meet The Family. Word Count: 1, Gif Not Mine. Requests Are Open! Hey Guys!! Emo blogs going to see mcr live reblog!!

What size is 180 pound woman

Have fun! Are you more emo, scene or punk? Favourite band? Favourite music video?Home Muses. Blahg Yes, the name is a reference to Kingkiller Chronicle. Search Posts. The Ultimate Angst Prompt List. Advantage: Either my character or yours will take advantage of the other while they're feeling vulnerable.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Ares: our characters get into a fight. Argue: A drabble main or AU about our characters arguing about something. Break Me: I will write an angsty drabble about our characters.

Bye Bye Beautiful: Write about your character finally giving up and saying goodbye to a cheating lover. Clytemnestra: my character kills yours. Crazy: I will write a drabble about my character losing it. Specify a reason if you wish. Cry: A drabble main or AU about our characters crying about something.

Darkness: A drabble main or AU about our characters dealing with inner demons. Death Angst : I will write a drabble about my character contemplating death. Forbidden Angst : I will write a drabble about my character longing for something they can never have.

Graveyard: My character will visit your characters grave Hades: your character is visited by my character's ghost. Persephone: my character is held prisoner by yours. Poison: I will write a drabble about my character infected by poison be it psychically or mentally. Vise versa. Reckless: My muse does something dangerous for yours Rejection: A drabble main or AU about our characters turning one another down. Revenge: My character will get revenge on yours. Watching: My muse watching yours die.

Mar 16, pm 1, notes.Just hold still. Can you understand me? Why would anyone do this to you? Why am I in here? Have some mercy. Get that knife away from me. Last December, the FCC voted to to kill net neutrality. If we do not take action, this will kill the free and open internet as we know it. The internet needs you—all of you—to make sure your voices are heard NOW. We need all hands on deck for this one.

Kpop secrets

It may be our last chance. For breaking the ice in the worst possible way, featuring themes including: kidnapping, murder, stalking, injury, monsters, and just general meanness.

Dosbox custom config

Where are we? Why are we tied up together?! Should I call an ambulance? Pretend you were waiting for me. What happened to us? What have you done?! Is that YOUR blood? Where are you taking me?! I need your help! What did you do?I gave you the chance! Of all people, why me?

These can work with ANY fandom! Reblog if you wish! The other took a step closer, clutching hold of them. Back at it again with those sweet sweet prompts!! As always these are great for any and every fandom! Please do not repost, but you can always reblog! So have fun friends!! Please let me help. Either way, here we are with a part 3!! You made me a monster. I did everything you asked me to do, now just let them go! What did they say to you?

Ripresa e80

I promise. I should be the one to kill them. Hey, wake up! How many of these did you take, huh? You almost died. Kill them. Just stay with me. Save them first or all my fighting was for nothing. You did this to me. They need me so I can never give up.

Just make it stop. Their deaths are on me. Everything hurts. You know that. You and I bring out the worst in each other.

They really do love you, huh? I just want everything to stop! I care about you and you are the last person I ever want to see dead out there, so just fucking listen to me for once! We have to be careful. Stay still, let me stop the bleeding, okay? So take this money, get a bus ticket, and go home, kid. I can be your family and we can watch them all burn together. Do that for me, alright? Do you want to talk about it? We have to save the world tomorrow.Character A and B are both kidnapped for information, character A is forced to watch while B is repeatedly tortured.

Their captor tells them if they give them the information the treatment towards B will end. A can not give up this information and B pays the price.

By the time of their release B is damaged mentally and physically and A suffers all the guilt. Character A is trans. Although coming out with this identity is rather difficult they had gotten through that process. What they are suffering from is either post top surgery pains, binders disrupting their breathing, a possible breast implant or even hormone injection pain. At first this character is afraid, both from pain and being alone.

This starts to resolve when character A, seeking a close friend or even mentor. That of which is able to reassure them on their countless whims. Everyone please be careful and mindful of the Coronavirus.

Please keep your hands clean and you living quarters Sanitary. This disease targets anybody and harms the ones with week respiratory systems.

angst prompts

If you are under quarantine please respect that order and sneeze and cough into you elbow. If you have any symptoms of sickness reduce public interactions. Character B, who works a dangerous job, tries to take care of them. One day, character B vanishes. What happens now? If you need anything let us know.

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Really been struggling to put the words in a way that makes sense :. Using empathy as a way to pull on peoples heartstrings will allow readers to better relate and understand the difficulties of being in that situation. Instead try painting a mental picture.I love angst and I felt like making some prompts so here you go! Feel free to send some in to me!

Repo Market Turmoil Prompts a Full-Scale Review

I have it on my list! You have a prophecy quirk that lets you know when something someone has said will come true or not. You have never been wrong your entire life.

One day Uraraka says something about you and Bakugou your sworn enemy getting married and you hear a very similar ringing noise go off in your head. Originally posted by aishitetsuro. From the moment you and Bakugou met, it started downhill and now it was just Hell breaking loose every time you guys got near each other.

You walked up to him, calmly tapped him on the shoulder and you swear you heard him start growling. Especially not by people who just appeared to be fancy bullies.

And that was the beginning of your relationship. You and your classmates were shuffling around in the cafeteria for breakfast before class started.

It kept you up all night, knowing it was going to come true. Your quirk had a lot of perks, but it also forced you to carry burdens such as these. Or do you get an extra boner when you make people miserable.

angst prompts

Just leave me the fuck alone already. You now noticed everyone in the cafeteria was staring at you, mouths agape, Bakugou included. Except his mouth was open because he looked like he was about to start screaming.

People like you never amount to anything anyway!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was like this on repeat everyday. Your burning resentment smouldered into a comfortable hatred and you were used to his biting remarks and spiteful insults. You felt bad because at this point you knew, Bakugou only had one dream, to be the best. And you basically told him that his one dream would never come true. One day you were listening to the news again and heard something even more tragic. It bummed you out and caused your anxiety to act up so you decided to take a break from people that day, especially Bakugou.

Trying to avoid his toxic aura at all costs. When it was time to get back to class, two girls stumbled in from 1-A, Uraraka and Asui.

A table was flipped. A teacher was called.

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